Masonry Restoration

Masonry Restoration

Masonry Restoration Historic Masonry Restoration

Do you have masonry that was damaged in an earthquake? Is your chimney leaking or your walkway crumbling? If so, you need masonry restoration.

Masonry has been a significant part of construction, architecture and design for thousands of years. Done right, masonry provides excellent durability and longevity. In fact, unreinforced masonry structures built in compression have lasted for more than 500 years.

However, when the original workmanship or materials are poor, or the structure sustains a significant trauma, such as an earthquake, masonry restoration may be needed.

Warfield Masonry specializes in Masonry Restoration. We offer services including:

  • Tuckpointing to damaged mortar
  • Masonry Restoration, Masonry and Tuckpointing Historic Masonry Restoration
  • Replacement of damaged brick, stone or block
  • Rebuilding of damaged structures

Call us today at 253-777-1947 to discuss how we can handle the restoration, tuckpointing of your masonry.