Commercial Design Build Masonry

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Warfield Masonry in Tacoma, WA is a local design build mason contractor specializing in commercial fine masonry projects. We provide both the design and build functions of your commercial project as a complete service masonry company. In commercial buildings like schools and banks, masonry plays an important function. Commercial masonry is often used as an architectural element to add support and strength. Commercial builders use blocks, brick, and stone for structure, such as holding beams and roof loads. But masonry can also be used to beautify entryways and facades. As a full service masonry company, Warfield Masonry provides the following:

  • Design of your project
  • Complete masonry layout and build of your project
  • Superior craftsmanship/skilled mason contractors
  • New construction
  • Restoration of brick or stone work
  • Masonry cleaning
  • Work completed on time and within your budget

Tacoma Design Build

We specialize in working closely with commercial builders and architects to provide top-of-the line, energy-efficient commercial masonry contractor work from start to finish. If you have not considered masonry as a possible addition to your design build project, let us show you our beautiful gallery of projects for inspiration. Our commercial masons have well-rounded experience and training to make your dream project a reality. Masonry done professionally and expertly can add the following features to your commercial project:

  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Water protection
  • Insulation
  • Beauty
  • Low maintenance time and cost
  • Superior longevity 
  • Heat resistance/fire protection

When you entrust your design build to us at Warfield Masonry in Tacoma, we ensure you that we treat you with courtesy and professionalism.

Tacoma Commercial Design Build

Our design build contractors possess the experience and expertise to get your project done on budget and on time. Warfield Masonry masons possess the following:

  • Extensive training (all have completed or are currently a part of the state accredited apprenticeship school)
  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Great customer service

If you are considering new commercial construction or renovation of existing commercial buildings, or expert cleaning of commercial masonry, Warfield Masonry should be your first call. We are a professional design build mason in Tacoma and have been in business since 1977.

Call Warfield Masonry at (253) 777-1947 for a design build in Tacoma by experienced masons. We offer commercial design build for schools, government buildings, banks, and more! Call us today at (253) 777-1947 to discuss how we can meet your design build needs.