Fireplace Construction

Firebox Installation, Fireplace Surround Masonry Brick Fireplace

Firebox Installation, Fireplace Surround Masonry

The fireplace can be the focal point of a room, and even the heart of the whole home. If you are looking to improve the look of your fireplace, or you want to install one in a new or existing building, Warfield Masonry can help.

Firebox Installation

Firebox Installation Brick Fireplace

The firebox is the box in the fireplace that the fire literally burns in. Fireboxes are carefully insulated and heat resistant to contain the fire to the safety of the fireplace. We handle firebox installation, including firebox brands such as Rumford and Superior Clay, as well as certified green fireboxes such as FireRock and Isokern.

Fireplace Surround Masonry

Fireplace Surround Masonry Outdoor Fireplace & Patio

Whether you are installing a new fireplace or improving the look of your existing one, Warfield Masonry can complete the masonry work on walls surrounding your firebox. Surrounds reflect the personality of the home or building owners, and can range from a modest river stone or traditional brick, to a bold slate or limestone.

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