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Tacoma Masonry Services

Your outdoor living space is a reflection of you, so use the expert masonry services of Warfield Masonry in Tacoma, WA to make a beautiful patio or garden space to suit your needs and living style. Warfield Masonry is an expert at creating and completing beautiful and functional residential outdoor living spaces with custom masonry. Whether you desire steps, a patio, a paved area, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, our mason contractors can make your dream a reality. Our gallery of completed projects will give you inspiration to create your own outdoor living masonry masterpiece. Some of the outdoor living masonry projects we can complete for your home include:

  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Outdoor patios
  • Outdoor walkways
  • Archways/entryways
  • Gazebos

Whether you are installing a new fireplace or improving the look of your existing one, Warfield Masonry can complete the masonry work on walls surrounding your firebox. Surrounds reflect the personality of the home or building owners, and can range from a modest river stone or traditional brick, to a bold slate or limestone. Because a fireplace must be constructed correctly for fire safety, we recommend that you always use a mason contractor to do the work.


Tacoma Residential Masonry Contractors

Our residential masonry contractors are experts at the fine art of creating beautiful spaces with masonry. Masonry walkways and patios add character, beauty and function to a home or institution. Warfield Masonry specializes in walkway and construction, although we offer a wide range of masonry services. Whether you want to clean an existing outdoor area or create a new one, we excel at mixing artistry with technical skill to create beautiful outdoor spaces. We construct both mortar set and hardscape walkways and patios. They can be made of a wide variety of types of brick and stone, including:

  • Pennsylvania Bluestone
  • Brick (Herring Bone, Other)
  • Flagstone
  • Pavers (Holland, Other)
  • Architectural Slabs
  • Slate
  • Outdoor Fireplace & Patio

Tacoma Mason Contractor

Our residential mason contractors stand by their quality work and will try to exceed your expectations on your residential masonry. Warfield Masonry brick masons possess the following:

  • Extensive training (all have completed or are currently a part of the state accredited apprenticeship school)
  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Great customer service

Masonry Services in Tacoma from Warfield Masonry.

Call (253) 777-1947 to speak with our residential masonry contractors about your Tacoma home build or remodel. Our experienced residential mason contractor in Tacoma provides the highest quality masonry services. Call us today! We serve the following areas: South King County, Pierce County, Mason County, Thurston County, Kitsap County, and Jefferson County. Your outdoor masonry project is not out of reach!