Masonry Walkway and Patio Repair and Construction

Mortar Set Patios and Walkways - Hardscape Patios and Walkways

Masonry Patio

Masonry walkways and patios add character, beauty and function to a home or institution. They can be made of a wide variety of types of brick and stone, including:

  • Pennsylvania Bluestone
  • Brick (Herring Bone, Other)
  • Flagstone
  • Pavers (Holland, Other)
  • Architectural Slabs
  • Slate

Warfield Masonry specializes in walkway and patio repair and construction. Whether you want to repair an existing area or create a new one, we excel at mixing artistry with technical skill to create beautiful outdoor spaces. We repair and construct both mortar set and hardscape walkways and patios.

Mortar Set Walkway and Patio Repair and Construction

Slate Masonry Patio

Mortar Set walkways and patios are built on a strong concrete foundation, which is called a concrete underlay “rat slab.” Mortar is then used to adhere the brick or stone to the slab, creating a solid and durable surface that can bear a significant load.

Hardscape Walkway and Patio Repair and Construction

Backyard Patio

Hardscape walkways and patios don’t use mortar at all. They are built upon a bed of sand 5-6 inches deep. The brick or stone is laid on the sand bed and sand is packed in between the stone creating a durable, although less rigid surface. A hardscape surface is less expensive to construct remains porous, allowing for excellent water drainage and protection from freezing and shifting.

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